Saturday, 4 August 2012

Photo du jour: Prairie Caravan

We are a bit spoiled this week -- ten fantastic people in one photo. This is Canada's Prairie Caravan. Don't they look wonderful? That's Eilean kneeling in the front, in the green skirt.

Take a good look at her, because that is what a winner looks like. On Monday, the Royal Mail will take charge of Eilean's new fringed hipscarf and set it on its journey to her house. Lilith Noor's Isis wings have a shorter trip, but knowing Royal Mail they will probably arrive Up North at the same time Eilean's hipscarf lands in Canada. 

If you would like to receive a nice wee gifty in the mail and support your local postie, why not choose something from this list?

As an aside, why is the Canadian tourism board not using this photo in its materials? It clearly shows that Canada boasts kick-ass women and lovely weather!


  1. one of the best photos of belly dancers I have seen lately! ;) the costumes, the hair style, everything!!!

  2. That is a fabulous photo!

    I can't promise anything that photogenic, but there will be silly photos aplenty when the wings arrive

  3. Fabulous photo of extremely talented troupe!
    Eilean epitomizes the "saucy, spicy" belly dancing persona.

  4. @shimmystyle - There's something about a co-ordinated troupe that just thrills my chills too!

    @Lillith Noor - *rubs hands with glee* Hopefully the wings are still in good enough shape when they arrive.

    @Anonymous - I feel a YouTube search coming on... (also, Eilean seems lovely via email too).