Friday, 3 August 2012


Saltation brings together three dancers from the far corners of the Commonwealth who take their name from an obsolete word for ‘dancing’, now used mainly by geologists to describe the movement of particles by natural forces. Fifi, Ritu and Ramona are from Australia, Canada and New Zealand respectively and formed Saltation here in London after they successfully auditioned for Shafeek Ibrahim’s stage school. Saltation is dedicated to hard-core belly dance performed with a light heart.

So that was our nice crew bio that I spent literally MINUTES writing for our performance at Arabesque Nights last night, and it didn't get used. Maybe that upset me so much it explains why I missed all my cues, let my posture go to hell and danced into the wall.


I'm too depressed to post right now. Have a picture of some po-faced people practising the Raqs al Moza (banana dance):

I'm serious, you guys - the Raqs al Moza is a real thing.


  1. I like saltation as a name! Apparently (I learned this in geology at school) it is from the same root as saute, to jump.

  2. Yes it is - nice to see SOMEONE paid attention in geology! Sadly, I did not :-/