Friday, 10 August 2012

Thought for the day

I felt like 50 shades of shit after my terrible performance at Arabesque Nights, but then I remembered my motto:

Thanks, Sara Connor's soon-to-be-murdered friend! Also, as my own good friend pointed out to me, and I paraphrase: "You're not new to dancing, but you are new to performing. You should have gone through all this crap years ago, but instead you went up there thinking you should be good because you've put in all this hard work. No. So not how it works." In other words:
"Choose to lose, prevail to fail, prepare to err, have the panache to crash, have the thunder to blunder, have the pluck to suck."
-- Joe Malarkey, "The Worst Motivational Speaker in America" 

With all of you as my witnesses, I swear I have that pluck! Now, who'd like to offer me a slot at their next hafla?

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