Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tracey Jones UPDATED

In honour of the opening of the Paralympic Games tonight, I am reposting this piece on mother, dancer, teacher, horserider, motorcyclist (and amputee) Tracey Jones.
It was originally posted on 15 August 2011.

UPDATE: Thanks to Lilith, who in the comments below noted that the original clip and one of the weblinks was broken. So here's an all-new Tracey clip. Enjoy!

This is Tracey Jones, in a clip filmed last year. In 2006, she was the winner of the UK National Belly Dance Competition. If, like me, you'd never heard of Tracey or you didn't know her story, you might watch this and think that at times there is something a little 'off', but you probably wouldn't be able to pinpoint what it is.

Well, as good as she is in this clip, Tracey is even more amazing than she seems. Several years ago she was in a terrible motorcycle accident and one of her legs was amputated. She now dances on a prosthetic limb. You are as stony-hearted as a stony-hearted thing with a stony heart if her story doesn't get you to at least the 'peeling an onion' stage of teary-eyes. I will never use cramp or bad weather as excuses to cut class again.


  1. The video and the first website like are broken- looks like Tracey may have taken a lot of her stuff down.

    I really admire the amount of hard work and dedication Tracey has put in to re-learning to dance.

    I have to say as well, watching her dance leaves me amazed at the advances in prosthetics. Apart from the fact that she never goes on rélévé on that foot, it looks very natural.

  2. Thank you very much indeed, Lilith: post has been post-amended.

  3. beautiful moves! and a good Presence! I dont like much pink its hard for me to like the custom..but its just me..;)