Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Novembro: Gamal Seif and Khaled Seif -- now with racially offensive content!

Dr. Gamal Seif is Egyptian, but now I think he lives in Brazil. Other than that...I'll be honest. I got nothin'. The only reason I'm posting about Gamal and Khaled is because I noticed Gamal's picture on Amir Thaleb's website and, like Alice chasing the White Rabbit, I decided to go down the hole. All I found is a whole lot of YouTube splendour and a private Facebook page.

Raqs assaya:

I'm a bit embarrassed. I feel like I should know more about Gamal Seif and Khaled Seif. Anyone out there like to enlighten me further?

EDIT (14 November 2012): I have just had the benefit of looking at this video -- previously posted as the first clip in the post but moved for reasons that will soon be clear -- on a screen that is significantly larger than my laptop's, and I am STUNNED. Do you guys see what I see? Am I imagining this? Are Khaled and Gamal dancing in *gulp* blackface? WTFUCK?!

Khaled Seif has a YouTube channel, and that's where I found this Nubian dance:


  1. Here in France I saw an act on a talent show the other night, and they performed in blackface....except that I'm pretty sure that at least two of the performers were Black. No idea what to make of that, just filing it under 'France'.

  2. no sound? rats. Of course I'll be my usual un-pc self, and say
    1) that's the first Nubian dance I've seen that I actually really enjoyed(!);
    2) they're doing an awful good job on it; and
    3) let's discuss why blackface is "wrong" since cross-dressing is okay? In the context of folkloric dance, anyway. Like when female dancers put on mustaches for a Stick Dance, for instance.
    However, there is something about them whenever they do that "rowing" move that starts to be a little Al Jolson-ish...
    but without the backstory on the dance (& the lyrics) it's hard to make a judgement. Anyway thanks for pointing this video out, it's very interesting!