Monday, 26 November 2012

Novembro: Happy birthday, Tito Seif

Happy belated birthday (7 November) to the inimitable Mr Tito Seif. Really, he needs no introduction, but just in case he does here's this rather impenetrable Gilded Serpent profile, that at times veers very close to becoming very penetrating indeed:
"As discreetly as possible, I study his body with great fascination. He is very striking and well built, his frame inspires a feeling of abundance, his arms are beautifully toned but, fortunately, not unattractively muscular, and his hands, even when resting idly, combine the strength and resilience of a manual worker with the dexterity of an artist. He is an imposing person but more attractive than anything else is his smile and the way his personality exists in his body; a way that is light, playful, kind, and generous."
Let us now move away as discreetly as possible from the heavy-breathing and sweaty palms of that profile to see, with great fascination, what has inspired such swooning adoration.

Because I am performing my first-ever solo next week (neurgh!), and it's a drum solo to boot, I have decided to indulge my fondness for completely psyching myself out by watching Tito's16-minute epic performance from this year's Nile Group Festival. Yea-ah. That was a mistake...I really didn't need to do that to myself. Check it:

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