Friday, 30 November 2012

Novembro: Ozgen

This is the last of the Novembro posts, but obviously not the last time I'll post on a male dancer. In fact, I unearthed so many Hombres of the Hipscarf that this thing could easily have become Decembro, Manuary, Febro-ary and Macho. And then I would have had to stop when a pun-averse reader came by house and smashed my typing fingers with a mallet.

A couple of weeks ago I took my first workshop with Ozgen and it was splendid. I've never really done any Turkish dance before, and thanks to London's notoriously patchy weekend public transport system there were only six of us in attendance so I got to take up as much space with my awkward gyrations as I wished. Score! He's also a super-nice person, so it was worth going just to meet him.

The theme was Turkish waltz, which meant that there was lots of floaty movement required. Tragically, this particular mama don't float, though it was still instructive to watch Ozgen do it. The man is built like a greyhound, a fact that is not so apparent in videos of him. Perhaps I am so used to seeing narrow-hipped whippets onscreen that it doesn't even register with me anymore.

His most recent show, One Night in Istanbul, is sold out. Guess who has to join the waiting list for a ticket?

Apparently, someone in New Zealand has invited him to do some workshops there but he's heard there's "not much of a scene" and that it might not be worth his while. I did my best to convince him otherwise, but if you're in Hobbiton New Zealand and want him to venture your way -- and obviously, you do -- make the best possible use of your internet connection and start lobbying him!


  1. He really is awesome. Although he totally freaks out my husband!

  2. Love love love Ozgen. I've yet to get on one of his workshops, but he's one of my favourite performers. Really funny and friendly guy as well, no diva-ing!

  3. I <3 Ozgen! Lovely, lovely guy and one of the most impressive dancers I've ever seen.