Saturday, 3 November 2012

Novembro: Shafeek Ibrahim

This was inevitable, really -- a Novembro post on my fabulous teacher, Mr Shafeek Ibrahim. Sure, he's a hard task master and pulls no punches (until the day I die, I'll be able to hear him barking "SMILE! You look horrible!"), but at least he makes hard work fun.

Apart from his indisputable chops, you have to grant the man his other monumental talent: looking as comfortable in an over-the-top costume as the rest of us do in our PJs. Dammit!

Nile Group Festival 2010:

Did I also mention that Shafeek holds the current men's world record for the most number of tanoura (Sufi) turns in an hour? (His wife, Tara, hold's the women's world record.) Sadly, this is not the tanoura costume he wore in the show this year, which had built-in lighting. Really.

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