Monday, 19 November 2012

Novembro: Vjekoslav Didović

Vjekoslav is not a star, which is sort of the point of this post. At some stage every star has to be a student, and not every male belly dancer goes from their first class to being Horatio Fuentes. Vjekoslav, for instance, is a 20 year-old agricultural technician(!) who has obviously been attending classes regularly and paying attention.

No flashy, overly revealing costume, no overly tricky moves (although the balancing on tea glasses is pretty impressive) -- this is just a guy who really enjoys what he does and does it very well. He seems like a chilled dude, even if half of his audience still look at least faintly unconvinced when he finishes. He also deserves some big ups for his classic choice of music, rather than opting for Western pop (though it must have been tempting when putting together a routine for mainstream TV).

Here he is on Croatia's Super Talent. You don't need to be able to speak Croatian to get the gist of the judges' reaction!

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