Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Thank you most kindly to all of you for your kind comments, continued support and readership over the course of the last three years. I literally wouldn't bother if it weren't for you.

2013 is shaping up to be a mega-dance year for me already and I can't wait to get going! It also means that there'll be a whole lot more fodder for the ever-hungry blog: yes, I am actually going to start properly writing posts again. Don't pull that sceptical face at me and my soon-to-be washboard abs.

Here's a photo of me* on Christmas Day. Sorry I didn't get around to wishing you all a Cool Yule, but I hope it was filled with only wonderful and happy moments. May 2013 bring you a whole lot more sensational shimmying.

*It's Ann Margaret, but I look exactly like this. And our living rooms are also eerily similar.


  1. Have you ever thought of wearing a gemstone in your belly button?

  2. Dude- that actually looks like ME, at least in hair and outfit choice. Scary....

  3. ...and a happy new year to you! Looking forward to more posts. I miss Jilly :)