Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Harem dancing: Vengeance of Ursus (1961)

Soon I will have the energy to blog about how the Thamesis Hafla went (damn well, actually -- we raised over £400 for Refuge and a good time was had by all. And no one did bloody Gangnam Style, even as a joke). In the meantime, Christina and I would like to thank all the wonderful dancers who gave so generously of their time and talent:

Hannah Mi
The Saidi Sistas
The Brixton Bellydancers
La Zingara

To tide us over, here's this lovely and haunting dance sequence from Vengeance of Ursus, via the Peplums blog. With bonus leopard!

IMDB summary: "The evil King Zagro has designs on the beautiful Princess Sira. He wants to marry her so he can take over her kingdom and add it to his own. When Sira is kidnapped, Ursus leaves his farm to rescue her and to eventually lead a revolt against King Zagro."

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