Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ann Friedman's Disapproval Matrix

Hey! I'm still here. Recently I enrolled in Anna Kemper's Improver-level class (sure, I heard that, but sometimes you have to accept that no matter how long you've been doing something you'll always be improver level!), so that coupled with Shafeek's classes, preparing my alter ego Ramona for the next Hafla on the Hill -- which is no longer on a hill, natch -- the full-time job and sustaining a happy marriage* = not much time for blogging.

Until I have time to write stuff up properly, I thought I would share this gem from Ann Friedman. It is so apt to what is happening in my head in relation to my dancing that it scares me real bad. FWIW, I am both my own most ardent lover and most fervent hater (especially the bit about being a 'lesser rapper'). Yeah, it gets confusing.
Ann explains her diagram, in part, thus:

The general rule of thumb? When you receive negative feedback that falls into one of the top two quadrants—from experts or people who care about you who are engaging with and rationally critiquing your work—you should probably take their comments to heart. When you receive negative feedback that falls into the bottom two quadrants, you should just let it roll off your back and just keep doin’ you. If you need to amp yourself up about it, may I suggest this #BYEHATER playlist on Spotify? You’re welcome.

*Get your mind out of the gutter, you filthmeister.

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