Monday, 1 April 2013

Photo du jour: Samia in the Army

This frankly astonishing photograph of Samia Gamal is not an April Fool's Photoshop job, I assure you.

Taken from the Vintage Photographs of Burlesque Dancers tumblr, it purports to show Samia in training with Egypt's National Liberation Army, for which she volunteered in 1956.

1956, I need hardly tell you, was the year of the Suez Crisis aka the Second Arab-Israeli War. It was also the year that Samia's American husband, Shepherd King III, dumped her for Turkish dancer Nejla Ates, but I'm sure that that couldn't have had anything to do with Samia deciding to learn how to use a rifle.

Please keep your "shooting from the hip" jokes to yourself.


  1. I bet holding that big rifle put some fire in her belly. What you're view on how belly dancers should move their bottoms?

  2. Hi Gorilla Banana:

    Many dancers spend their whole careers trying to figure this out, so here's a link that you may find useful:

    Hope it helps!

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