Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Welcome back Saroyan Cymbals! Even though you never went away!

Back on 26 January I posted a rather preemptive lament for the closure of the Saroyan Cymbal company in the wake of Harry Saroyan's retirement.

Foodycat was first with the news that I'd jumped the gun a bit, but now I can officially confirm she's right. This comment was left on the post this morning:
Officially on behalf of Mr. Harry Saroyan and Saroyan Cymbals I would like to address the doubts and fears being expressed online regarding the future of Saroyan Zills and their availability for professionals and enthusiast in the music and dance industries. After 45 years as the leader in production, Harry has decided to turn over the reins of Saroyan Mastercrafts, and is currently securing new ownership for Saroyan Cymbals ... In the mean time have no fear, Harry's zills will again be available for purchase online (www.saroyanzils.com) on June 15, 2013 and will continue to be produced to meet the high demand for quality zills for many, many years to come. It is very important to Harry that his strict guidelines for superiority and craftsmanship are maintained, and he gives his personal promise that his fans will be very pleased with his successor. In the intervening time please feel free to contact me at heather@netreva.com with any questions or concerns...Sincerely, Heather Lint, Netreva Inc. c/o Saroyan Mastercrafts.
Netreva Inc appears to be a marketing firm based in California, so this looks legit to me: it would make sense that when the webiverse is writing your company off as dead and gone that you would hire someone to go around it laboriously copying and pasting news of its survival on every blog you can find.


  1. Great news lets hope it is true!...

  2. Thank you for the follow up post =)

  3. oh thank all that's holy in the belly dance community! a big PHEW!

  4. Woo, happy news. I'm glad the Great Zill Crisis kicked me into action to buy a new set of Saroyans though, because I really love them and they've massively increased my enthusiasm for zilling :D