Wednesday, 29 May 2013

That look U get...

...when U stumble across a selfie of a girl wearing two coin scarves (and nothing else!), and even worse than that it's captioned "I have the body to be a belly dancer", and even worse than that it's tagged 'skinnymini' and 'skinny':

(I've not linked directly to the offender's blog because...well. There's enough sadness in the world already. Found via A Little Song & Dance and This is Not Bellydance, and with love and apologies to Glitter Hips.)

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  1. I was just reminded of this page thanks to a Google image search, which lead me here for the Prince gif. -Kiiinda fun how you mention my blog, while I'm coming here to find awesomeness on yours. ^_^ Synchronicity! ^_^ ♥♥ Thanks for the mention, and still loving this space! ♥♥