Friday, 24 May 2013

The Uru Tribe at Tribal Fest 2013

This piece of history is the first-ever all-male performance at Tribal Fest.

Quoth an understandably breathless Steven Eggers, the Most Beautiful Boy in BellydanceTM:

...most of us met for the first time that week and many learned the choreography that week and we only actually ran it through with ALL the guys the day before. Considering all that I think it went well :)

:) indeed!

The Uru Tribe is: Paige Lawrence, Adrian Junez, Sasha Khetarpal-Vasser, Brian Pacheco, Eric Salazar, Leon Mancilla, Mark Bissell, Lorenso Silva, Frank Farinaro and Steven Eggers.

Choreography by Steven Eggers and Frank Farinaro.

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