Tuesday, 4 June 2013

DVD for sale

My apologies for interrupting our regular service with this message -- but I figure if anyone I know would be interested in scoring a very cheap copy of Princess Farhana's amazing Bellydance & Balance: The Art of Sword and Shamadan it would be you (link is to the ebay auction).

Wonderful friends of mine gave me a copy without knowing I already had one, and the confines of my tiny home dictate that one copy must be returned to the wild.

By way of mitigating my embarrassment over briefly turning this blog into a tawdry billboard, if you're the winning bidder and send me a message via ebay with 'Occidental' in the subject line, I'll also send you a free copy of Suhaila Salimpour's Fitness Fusion Yoga DVD. How's that? The auction ends at 11:58:41 BST on Sunday, 9 June.

*Transmission ends*

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